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I’ve arrived at my writing via a life in engineering, painting and sculpting. 


Not a usual path for an author, for certain. 


Starting at school in Chichester in the south of England, via University at Imperial College, London, UK – where H.G.Wells made his start – I worked through a bunch of jobs mainly in the project management side of the construction industry in England,


I finally settled in Southern Ontario, Canada. There, I worked in steel, public housing and bank sectors. Early retirement allowed me to say goodbye to industry. Moved on to Ontario College of Art and Design for honours in Sculpture and Installation. Worked my art practice in a shared stone sculpture studio for over ten years. Now resting my overworked arms to pursue writing.


Generally a life well lived, exposed to all those left weighted brains and right ones too.


Do I sound a bit straight up to you?  Maybe. But read 2999  and Helping Hands before you reach any hard conclusion.

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