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Mixed Media

A variety of materials used together

Curl In (4).JPG
Green on Green (1).JPG
Curl In (2).JPG
A Green Man Rising (35).JPG
Rise Above (6).JPG

Rise up –Limestone and painted steel

Green Man – Chinese Soapstone and wood burl

Green on Green

Soapstone and Marble

Curl up – Soapstone and Ammonites

Nine Inch Nails B.jpg
Beautiful, Battered and Betrayed (3).JPG

Neighbourhood Watch – Limestone, Marble and steel

Genuflection – Limestone, Steel and Wood

Beautiful, Battered and betrayed

Plaster of Paris, artificial stone, Bisque fired clay and steel wire

Nine Inch Nails – Steel, leather, metal studs and Tape player with Metallica tape.

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